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Undoing a PDM Checkout
Undoing a PDM checkout reverses the checkout operation and performs the following actions:
Deletes all iterations of the object created within the project.
Automatically adds the original object in PDM to the project as a shared object, if it is not already shared to the project. For information about the ad hoc access control rules set on the shared object, see Setting Access Control on a Shared Object.
Unlocks the original object in PDM, allowing PDM users to resume modifications of the object.
If the object is checked out to several projects, undoing the PDM checkout in one project has no impact on the design alternatives in other projects. The source object remains locked in PDM until you undo the PDM checkout on the last design alternative.
Removes any associations defined in the project.
For example, while working on a PDM checkout document, a project member associates that document to a PDM checkout part. When you undo the PDM checkout of the document, it is no longer associated to the part.
However, any associations that were defined in PDM before the objects were checked out to the project remain unaffected. After you undo the PDM checkout of the associated object, the association remains intact for the source objects and the PDM checkout objects in the project.
For information on removing objects from a project, see Deleting Projects or Shared Objects and Removing a Shared Object.
Only the user who originally checked out the object and users with Administrative permission can undo a PDM checkout. For more information, see Permissions and Valid Object Types.
You cannot undo a PDM checkout if the object is checked out from the project by a user. The user must check in the object first.
You cannot undo a PDM checkout if the object has been added to a workspace. You must remove the object from the workspace first. For more information about working with objects in a workspace, see the following topics:
You can undo a PDM checkout from any of the following locations:
Click the undo PDM checkout icon on the Project Status table toolbar.
From the project Folder Contents table, select the object and select Actions > Undo PDM Checkout.
From the object information page, select Actions > Undo PDM Checkout.