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Removing a Shared Object
When you remove a shared object from a project, it no longer appears in the project folder and project team members can no longer access it. You also remove the object iteration saved in the associated project baseline. For more information, see Deleting Projects or Shared Objects.
Removing a shared object from one project does not affect other projects. However, removing a shared object from a project might remove access to other objects that are required dependencies for the shared object. As a result, when you attempt to open a parent object in the CAD authoring application, dependent objects might be missing.
You can remove a shared object in the following ways:
From the Project Status table, select the shared object and click the remove share icon on the table toolbar.
To remove multiple shared objects at once, navigate to the project Folder Contents table and select the shared objects you want to remove. Select Actions > Remove Share.
An override conflict appears if you remove a shared object that has been downloaded to a workspace. Click OK.