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Editing Visual Location
Visual Location represents the orientation (that is, the point and angle) of a part relative to its parent. Visual location is used to position the geometry displayed in the View tab but is an optional attribute that can display on the Uses tab when the Occurrences table view is displayed and the part units are each. See your administrator for information in displaying the attribute.
Use the following procedure to edit the visual location:
To edit the visual location, work in draft mode, an annotation set, or have the part checked out.
1. Navigate to the Visual Location attribute.
2. Click in the table cell, and the Visual Location window appears.
3. Enter information for any of the six values. The first three numbers are floating point numbers with units of length that specify the location of the object. The remaining numbers are floating point numbers with units of angle-plane, allowing degrees or radians to be specified.
The display reflects the measurement system reflected in Product Structure Explorer preferences.
4. Click OK.
The geometry in the View tab and attributes in the Visual Location field are updated.