Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Product Structure Explorer > Creating a Part > Creating a New Version with a New View
Creating a New Version with a New View
To create a new version of a part with a different view, use the following procedure:
1. Select the part for which you want to create a new view version.
The part must meet the following criteria:
It must already have a view associated with it. You can associate a view when you create a part.
It must be checked in.
2. Select Selected > New View Version.
The New View Version window appears.
3. Select a new view from the View drop-down list.
Views are defined in a specific order, typically one that follows the normal progression of a part. The drop-down list displays only views that follow the current view in that order. You can not recreate an earlier view. For example, if the original list is Engineering, Manufacturing, and Facility 1, and you chose Manufacturing as your original view, only Facility 1 is available for your new view.
4. Click OK.
Your new version is created.