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Validating Changes
When working in draft mode or on an annotation set, time may lapse between the beginning of your work and when you are ready to place the proposed changes in the database. Because it is possible that conflicting changes are being made to the structure in the database while you are working on your draft or annotation set, the Validation Tool provides the ability to resolve issues that would prevent the draft from being saved or the annotation set from being applied.
You can initiate a validation by selecting File > Validate Changes (). If no errors occur, a confirmation message appears. If errors do occur from this action or when you save a draft or apply an annotation set, the Validation Tool window displays all issues and their recommended fixes. Once you have completed the fixes, click Revalidate in order to determine if all errors have been successful corrected .
The following icons are available from the Validation Tool window:
Revert or undo the changes you have made to the selected part in that draft or annotation set. (This action is not available in edit mode.)
Place the latest iteration of the selected part in the annotation.
Locate the selected part in the structure.
Opens a new window where you can select columns to display in the table as well as set column properties and their order.