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Entering Data in a Table
If you are working in draft mode or in an annotation set, several tables within Product Structure Explorer support adding objects by entering data directly into the table cell (rather than selecting an action to open a new window where the information is entered).
Use the following procedure to add objects to a table:
1. An additional, blank row is displayed at the end of the table with the editable fields distinguished by color. Enter data in the first editable field.
When entering data, use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard.
2. Press TAB.
The cursor moves to the next available data entry field, and a search is performed using the criteria you entered in the first table cell.
3. Objects matching the criteria are displayed in a new Results table.
The limit of matching results is managed by the Data Entry Results Thresholdpreference.
4. Use the mouse or keyboard arrow keys to navigate the options in the Results table.
Enter data in the next editable field to reduce the number of matching objects in the Results table.
5. Highlight one or more of the objects from the Results table, and press ENTER.
The selected objects are added to the bottom of the table. The table is not re-sorted.