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Duplicating a Part
By default, this operation automatically copies the following information from the existing part to the new part:
Basic attributes, such as type and source, and site-defined attributes.
The contents of the Uses and Documentation tabs.
Logic elements (parameters and constraints), if the part is an advanced configurable part.
The values for Created By and Updated By as well as dates and times are set to the current user and date/time.
To duplicate an existing part, use the following procedure:
1. Select the part you want to duplicate.
2. Select Selected > Duplicate.
3. In the Duplicate window, you can modify several part attributes.
Before you can save the information on this window, you must fill in all required fields, as indicated by an asterisk.
Site-defined attributes are saved with their default values; you can change these values by updating the new part.
4. Click OK. Your new part is saved, and the relationship between these parts is viewable in the Save As History table available outside the explorer window. Select View > Information to view the page.