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Document References
A document can reference other documents, creating an association between documents that contain related, essential information. For each referenced document, you can add a comment that explains how the documents are related. Documents that reference each other are maintained separately, while a document attachment, which you add when you create a new document, must be maintained with the document to which it is attached.
References of a document can be found on the document information page’sRelated Objects tab in the Reference Documents table.
Two tables appear:
References Documents – The documents that the current document references.
Referenced By Documents – The documents which reference the current document.
When you remove a reference to a document from the References Documents table, you delete the link and dissolve the relationship.
The following table summarizes how actions on the document affect the reference relationship:
Check In document
References are carried forward to the new iteration.
Revise document
References to other documents are carried forward to the new version.
Check In referenced document
References are carried forward to the new iteration.
Revise referenced document
The relationship does not carry forward to the new version of the document. The document maintains references to the previous version.