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Downloading Documents to a Compressed File
Use the Download Documents to Compressed File action to download multiple primary content files at once to create a compressed ZIP file. The compressed file can later be uploaded to create multiple documents at once.
When selecting documents to download:
Select a folder to download the documents within that folder. If there are any other object types (for example, a part or a note) within a folder or subfolder, those objects are ignored.
Checkout status and share status do not affect your ability to download a document.
Secondary content, such as attachments, is not included in the compressed ZIP file.
1. From the Folder Contents table, select the checkboxes next to the documents and folders to be downloaded.
2. Select Actions > Download Documents to Compressed File.
3. In the Download Documents to Compressed File window, select the following options:
Include contents of subfolders
Recursively includes any documents contained within subfolders.
For example, if you select a folder to download, any documents within that folder are included in the ZIP file. However, if that folder includes a subfolder, documents within that subfolder are not added to the ZIP file.
Select this option to add documents located within subfolders to the ZIP file.
Save full path information
Maintain the folder and subfolder structure within the ZIP file.
Check out all documents on download
Automatically check out all documents that are being downloaded.
4. Click OK.