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Exporting Table Information to a File
The Export List to File action allows you to export the information contained in that table to a file that can be accessed offline in programs such as Microsoft Excel. The exported file format follows the exact format of the Windchill table—the same columns, rows, and order. You can access this action from the Actions menu on tables throughout Windchill, such as the Folder Contents and Search Results tables.
The maximum export size is defined by com.ptc.jca.exportRowLimit in If you export to XLS, the maximum is 65,535 rows because that is the maximum number allowed by Microsoft Excel 2003.
Columns can be excluded from export using com.ptc.jca.nonExportableToFileColumns in
Use the following procedure to export your table information.
1. From the Actions menu on the table, select Export List to File.
2. A list of available formats will appear next to the Export List to File option. Select the format in which you would like to export your table information; for example, HTML, XLS, or TEXT.
Once you have chosen a format, a window opens, displaying the progress of the file.
3. When the export is complete, the file will either automatically open in your browser, or a window will appear allowing you to choose whether to open or save the file. This depends on your browser settings.