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Comparison Report
When you compare two or more objects or versions using the Compare Information action, the Comparison Report window appears. On this report, a table appears for each comparison option that you selected. Each table shows only the differences between the compared objects or versions. If information is the same for the compared objects, it is not displayed. If two dashes (--) are displayed in a table cell, the value is not present for that object or version. For example, in an attribute table, a table cell with two dashes indicates that the attribute is not defined or its value is not set.
If you compared packages with many members, the Members table may be paged to accommodate the large number of objects. Click the Next or Previous buttons at the top or bottom of the table to view all package members.
To view the information page for an object or version, click the information icon . To change the objects that you are comparing or the comparison options that you selected, click the Choose new objects to compare or Change comparison options link in the upper-right corner of the report.
If you compared packages, only objects for which you have read access are listed in the report. If you have access to an object in one package version but not the other, the message Secured Information appears. You can see that the object exists, but you cannot access any details.
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