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Right-click Actions
The following table explains how the right-click actions function in Windchill:
Right-click in a table row
A list of Windchill actions appears. Select the action that you want to perform on the object.
CTRL + right-click (or SHIFT + right-click) over a link in Windchill
The browser right-click menu appears, including actions such as Open Link in New Tab and Open Link in New Window. For example, if you press CTRL + right-click on a link to an information page and then select Open in New Tab from the browser menu, the information page displays in a new browser tab.
Right-click other location in Windchill (not in a table row)
The browser right-click menu appears.
Right-click on the Windchill actions menu
The browser right-click menu appears; however, the Open Link in New Tab and Open Link in New Window actions will not open context-sensitive pages in a new window or tab. Instead, use CTRL + right-click or SHIFT + right-click over a link to open a specific page in a new browser tab or window.