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Assigning a Part Version in a Part Configuration
The Assign Part Version action is used to update the version of an untraced part used in a part configuration. Assign Part Version is typically used when an exception must be made to the part version selected by the configuration specification used to create the part configuration. For more information, see Creating a New Part Configuration.
1. Click Assign Part Version in the right-click menu for the part version to be replaced.
The Assign Part Version action is available when:
The part configuration is created using the Full option.
The trace code of the selected part is set to Untraced in the assembly.
The part configuration has not been used to create a part instance that has later been incorporated.
2. The Assign Part Version window is displayed.
The upper portion shows the Name and Base Part of the part configuration in which the new part version is being assigned.
The lower portion shows the Part for which a new version will be selected. Select a part version from the drop-down list.
3. Click OK.
The part structure is refreshed to show the newly assigned version on all usages of the selected part.
A part occurrence that has been overridden will not be assigned the new part version. For more information about overriding part occurrences, see Overriding a Part Occurrence in a Part Configuration.