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Overriding a Part Occurrence in a Part Configuration
The Override Part Version action is used to update the version of an untraced part occurrence used by a part configuration. The override function is used when a part configuration is created to capture the field replacement of one occurrence of a part that is used multiple times within the part configuration structure.
For example, suppose that the assembly Drive Train uses a quantity of four Bearing components of a specific version, A.1. One of the bearings in the drive train fails and must be replaced. The current version of the Bearing is C.2. Use the override function to create a part configuration where the failed occurrence of Bearing, version A.1, is replaced by Bearing, version C.2. The new part configuration is associated to a new version of the part instance, capturing the field modification.
For more information, see Occurrences.
1. In the Viewing action set on the toolbar, select Show Occurrences from the Display drop-down menu. The part structure is changed to display occurrences.
2. Click Override Part Version on the right-click menu for the part occurrence to be overriden.
The Override Part Version action is available when:
The part configuration is created using the Full option.
The trace code of the selected part is set to Untraced in the assembly.
The part configuration has not been used to create a part instance that has been incorporated.
The action is not available for the top part or any part in the structure for which a version is not displayed.
Selecting the Override Part Version action for a summary row, where no occurrences have been created, causes occurrences to be created automatically.
3. The Override Part Version window is displayed. The upper portion shows the Name and Base Part of the part configuration in which the override action will be performed. The lower portion shows the Part and Reference Designator for the occurrence that will be assigned a new part version.
Select a part version from the drop-down list.
4. Click OK.
The part structure is refreshed to show the newly assigned version on the selected occurrence.