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Baseline or Managed Collection?
Managed collections and baselines are similar objects. Both capture information related to a specific point in time.
Use a baseline if you are primarily interested in capturing information related to a specific point in time. You intend to create a new baseline for every milestone, event, or date.
Managed Collection
Use a managed collection if you are primarily interested in grouping objects together so that they can be viewed from a central location. You intend to periodically update the objects within the managed collection.
Managed Collection
Only the baseline creator or an administrator can make changes to the baseline.
Objects that have been added to a baseline cannot be deleted from the system without first deleting the baseline or removing the object from the baseline.
Refresh the content in the collection by reapplying the initial collection filters.
Depending on the collection options that have been set, this might add objects, remove objects, or include different versions of existing objects. .
Include collections within a collection, creating a hierarchy of object groups.
Set Primary
Indicates a primary object within the baseline. No additional functionality is provided for the primary baseline object.
Collect Objects
Use configuration specifications to gather related objects.