Summary Events
Summary events are emitted when a significant application level event occurs that would be of interest to the system auditor. The events provide a meaningful description of what happened in the database at the time the event took place. The events provide a set of attributes that identify who did what and provide context for the operation. Summary events were designed to be standalone so analysis can be done outside of Windchill using an analysis tool.
Before the auditing service captures a particular event, the event must be enabled in the auditing configuration file. For more information, see Configuring Audit Event Recording and Attributes Captured with Events.
Summary Event
Change Life Cycle State
The life cycle state of an object is changed.
Check In
A PDM checked out object is checked in from a project or through the Send to PDM action.
Check Out
An object is checked out or PDM checked out.
The state of an object is set to Complete. This applies to objects such as plan objects.
An object is copied.
An object is deleted or marked for deletion.
Edit Access Control
This event can occur if:
The ad hoc access rights associated with an object instance are changed, either programmatically or by end user action.
The object instance changes domain, requiring Change Domain permission.
Edit Attributes
One or more attributes for an object or its relationship to other objects are edited.
Applicable only if the change required Modify permission.
Edit Content
One or more content files for an object have been added, removed, or changed.
Applicable only if the change required Modify Content permission.
Edit Identity
One or more attributes that serves as a unique identifier for an object is edited.
Applicable only if the change required Modify Identity permission.
Edit Team
A team or context team is modified.
An object is exported from the system.
This event is not emitted when a search results table is exported to an Excel spreadsheet.
An object is imported into the system.
Markup and Annotate
The markup of a viewable's representation is saved or a structure annotation is saved.
Modify Access Policy
The access policies for a domain object are modified.
Domain administered objects will not have this event emitted for them if the domain policy rules change for the domain in which they are contained.
Modify Product Structure
The structure of a structured object is modified. For example, when a lower-level part is removed, added, or changes quantities.
Modify Security Labels
A security label is updated on an object. For more information, see Enable Security Label Events for Auditing.
An object is moved to a new folder.
New Object
A new object is created which could also be during an import process.
New View Version
A new view version of an object is created.
One Off Version
A new one-off version of an object is created (for example, by using Part Structure Browser or by sharing an object from Windchill PDMLink to a Windchill ProjectLink project).
A new revision of an object is created as the result of a Revise action performed on the object.
An object is shared from one context to another.
Undo Checkout
An Undo Checkout or Undo PDM Checkout action is performed.
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