Step 13. Enable Security Label Events for Auditing - Optional
By default, Windchill only audits a limited number of events: system and organization usage, cross site request forgery events, and download events. When full auditing is enabled, the Modify Security Label and Security Label Download Acknowledgement events are recorded for all object types that support security labels or download acknowledgement.
To enable auditing the Modify Security Label or Security Label Download Acknowledgement event only for a particular object, add the following event key to the ConfigEntry element for the particular object class:
For the Modify Security Label event:
<KeyedEventEntry eventKey="*/
ModifySecurityLabelsSummaryEvent/" enabled="true"
For the Security Label Download Acknowledgement event:
<KeyedEventEntry eventKey="*/wt.audit.AuditServiceEvent/
For more information, see the Customizing Audit Events section in the Windchill Customization Guide or Configuring Audit Event Recording.
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