Managing the Search Index
System administrators are responsible for monitoring the health and status of Windchill search indexes.
Indexing should be disabled when bulk loading data. Once the bulk loading operation is complete, re-enable the Bulk Index Tool and populate your indexes with the new data.
Do not run anti-virus software against the search index directory. If anti-virus software is installed on the indexing server, configure your anti-virus software rules to add an exception for the index folder.
Indexing Tools
Indexing Administration Utility
The Indexing Administration utility provides an overview of the index status. For more information, see Indexing Administration Utility.
Bulk Index Tool
This is a command line utility that loads objects into the Windchill Index Search libraries.
The Bulk Index Tool sends objects to an indexing engine, where objects are processed according to the indexing policy set for their domain.
For more information, see Bulk Index Tool.
The Bulk Index Tool can only be used to load Windchill Index Search libraries. It is not a general bulk loading tool.
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