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Content Management Best Practices
Below are best practices for general content management and working with folders in Vuforia Editor.
Before creating your content management strategy and folder structure, make sure that you have a strong understanding of folder permissions.
When creating folders and organizing your assets and procedures, always take into consideration who will have permission to view the assets and edit procedures. User permissions impact your folder structure, so keep the following in mind:
Consider which types of users will access Vuforia Editor, what they need to see, and what should be hidden from them.
Possible types of users:
Procedure creators, testers, and reviewers
Trainers and experts
Factory A members and Factory B members
Create rules for your user types. These rules will act as requirements for your content management system. It’s important to document all rules (and exceptions) that are developed to ensure there are no conflicts. Rules and requirements help create a consistent folder permission strategy for your organization.
Folder Structure
Once you documented your rules and requirements, you can start thinking about your content management structure. Keep the following things in mind:
If data needs to be hidden from one user type, then it should be placed in a different folder.
Organize the content in a structure that is intuitively navigable. Use names that make sense, so the user can find what they are looking for without having to use the search bar.
Consider any future needs your organization might have. Design your folder pattern with potential Vuforia Editor user permissions in mind in case they need to be added in later.
Test your folder strategy before fully implementing it in a production environment. Get feedback from your team to make sure it works for all roles. You can start by moving only a handful of the assets during the testing phase. This way, if you need to adjust your folder strategy, it won’t take too much overhead to undo the changes.
Naming Conventions
Use a naming convention for folders, assets, and procedures that clearly describes what they are or what they contain. The following points are also important to take into consideration:
If you have a naming convention that is already used in another system within your organization (for example, where your CAD source and other media are currently stored), you could use a similar pattern in Vuforia Editor.
The folder structure pattern should be repeated throughout the system. This sets expectations for navigating subfolders, making it easier for everyone involved.
If you have a folder structure that is already used in another system (such as where your training content is currently stored), you could use a similar pattern in the Vuforia Editor.
Content Management Examples and Additional Information
For additional information and content management examples, see Examples for Content Management in the Vuforia Editor.