Set Up User Access
ThingWorx Composer provides a hierarchical structure for configuring users, user groups, and organizations. The structure is highly configurable. You can create new users, add users to user groups, and add users or user groups to organizations.
ThingWorx Analytics Builder does not provide a ready-made organizational structure with default users. It does, however, provide the following ready-made user groups.
TW_AnalyticServer_Admin (for administrator users)
TW_AnalyticServer_Users (for non-administrator users)
Whatever configuration you choose for your user/organization hierarchy, you must add Analytics Builder users to one of these ready-made user groups. Only users who are added to one of these groups will be able to access Analytics Builder.
Because the hierarchical structure of organizations, user groups, and users is so flexible, the procedure you use to configure these things in ThingWorx Composer is up to you. However, setting up user access should include at least the following tasks:
1. Navigate to SECURITY > Users and create users. Optionally, you can also go to SECURITY > Organizations and create a new organization. For information about creating organizations and users, consult the ThingWorx Help Center
2. Navigate to SECURITY > User Groups and add each user to one of the ready-made User Groups that can access Analytics Builder (see above).
3. For each organization or user, assign a Home Mashup that will launch automatically when a user or member of an organization logs in. For information, see Set a Home Mashup. This step is optional
All Analytics Builder users are automatically included in a user group called ComposerUsers. This group is a system object user group that grants permissions to Composer functionality. If access problems occur, check to make sure that users are included in one of the TW_AnalyticServer user groups and that the TW_AnalyticsServer_Users group is included in the ComposerUsers group.
When the setup of users and organizations is complete, continue with Configure Communication Settings in Analytics Builder.
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