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Set a Home Mashup
Beginning in the 8.3 release, Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager can be accessed via a built in Analytics menu in ThingWorx Composer. The menu is available when ThingWorx Analytics Extension has been imported. To access the menu, click the Analytics menu icon ().
For all 8.x releases, the console mashups discussed below are still available for use as way to access Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager.
One of the main advantages to setting up organizations or users is that you can assign them a Home Mashup that will launch automatically when a user, or member of a particular organization, logs in. ThingWorx Analytics Extension provides a console application home mashup (TW.Analytics.ConsoleMainMashup). This mashup can be used to open an Analytics Console, which displays launch tiles for any other components the user or organization has permissions for, such as Analytics Builder or Analytics Manager.
ThingWorx Analytics Extension also provides an individual landing page mashup for users who want to launch the following applications directly:
Analytics BuilderTW_ML_Landing_Page_v1
Analytics ManagerTW.AnalysisServices.AnalysisMainMashup
In ThingWorx Composer, you can only assign a Home Mashup to a user or an organization. To assign a Home Mashup, follow the steps below. Depending on how you’ve configured your user/organization environment, your exact procedure may vary.
1. In ThingWorx Composer, click the Browse icon () on the far left.
2. In the left navigation panel, choose SECURITY and then select Organizations or Users, depending on who you are setting the Home Mashup for.
The Organizations or Users panel is displayed on the right.
3. Do one of the following:
To create a new organization or user, click New and enter a new Name when the General Information page opens.
To assign a mashup to an existing organization or user, click the check box on the left to select an organization or user row and click Edit. The General Information page opens.
4. Scroll down the General Information page and click the + icon in theHome Mashup field. A search box opens.
5. Scroll or search through the listed mashups to locate and select the Home Mashup you want.
6. Click Save in the top toolbar.
7. To test your Home Mashup assignment, log into your newly installed Analytics Extension component via the default login form at the following path: <server name>/Thingworx/FormLogin/<Organization Name>
The Login form will open. When you have logged in, the newly assigned Home Mashup will launch.
If you want to customize the login form, see the ThingWorx Help Center.
8. To log out of ThingWorx Composer, click Administrator in the top right of the window and choose the Log Out option.
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