ThingWorx Analytics Extension
ThingWorx Analytics Extension
ThingWorx Analytics Extension can be implemented to extend the functionality available in ThingWorx Foundation. When installed, Analytics Extension provides access to Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager functionality.
The simplest way to deploy Analytics Extension is through the Analytics Server installer. However, if you need to upgrade or modify your Analytics Extension, this guide provides instructions for manual installation and configuration.
The Analytics Extension package contains a zipped archive of software, extension, and documentation files. The zip file must be downloaded and extracted before the extension can be imported into ThingWorx Foundation. This process involves the following steps, each of which is explained in more detail in subsequent sections of this guide.
1. Download the extension zip file.
2. Import the extension into ThingWorx Foundation.
3. Configure the extension in ThingWorx Foundation.
4. Perform any post-installation setup and configuration necessary for specific components.
ThingWorx Foundation must be installed and configured properly on your system before working with the Analytics Extension. For more information, see the Installing ThingWorx.
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