Compatibility Matrix > Compatibility Matrix – Before 8.5
Compatibility Matrix – Before 8.5
Unless otherwise noted, each release of ThingWorx Analytics earlier than 8.5 is supported on the same release of any other ThingWorx software it interacts with.
To view compatibility for release 8.5 and later, see Compatibility Matrix – 8.5 and Later
ThingWorx Analytics version
Tested and Certified with:
ThingWorx Foundation 8.4
ThingWorx Analytics Extension 8.4*
If you upgrade ThingWorx from 8.4.0 to any 8.4.x version, you must also upgrade the Analytics Extension to an 8.4.x version. Analytics Extension 8.4.0 is not compatible with ThingWorx 8.4.x.
You can either upgrade Analytics Extension manually by itself or upgrade your Analytics Server, which includes the Extension.
ThingPredictor 8.2
Anomaly Detection functionality is still available, but starting with the 8.4 release, the external services are no longer in use. Anomaly Detection has switched to using the ThingWorx Analytics Server instead of external services.
ThingWorx Foundation 8.3
If Analytics Extension is installed and you want to upgrade from ThingWorx 8.3 to any later version, you will need to uninstall the Analytics Manager files before the upgrade. For information, see Remove the Extension. To save any data files, follow the steps in the Before Removing Analytics Manager section.
After you upgrade ThingWorx, see Import the Extension to redeploy Analytics Extension and Re-import Analytics Manager Files.
ThingWorx Analytics Extension 8.3
ThingPredictor 8.2
Anomaly Detection Services 8.3
ThingWorx Foundation 8.2
ThingWorx Analytics Extension 8.2
Analytics Manager 8.2.2 is not supported on ThingWorx Platform 8.2.0. It is supported on ThingWorx Platform 8.2.3 and later.
ThingPredictor 8.2
ThingWatcher 8.2**
ThingWorx Foundation 8.1
ThingWorx Analytics Extension 8.1
ThingPredictor 8.1
ThingWatcher 8.1
ThingWorx Foundation 8.0
ThingWorx Analytics Extension 8.0
ThingPredictor 8.0
ThingWatcher 8.0
ThingWorx Foundation 7.4
ThingWorx Analytics Extension 7.4
ThingPredictor 7.4
ThingWatcher 7.4
ThingWorx Foundation 7.2.4
ThingWorx Analytics Extension 52.2
ThingPredictor 52.2
ThingWatcher 52.2
ThingWorx Foundation 7.2.0
ThingWorx Analytics Extension 52.1
ThingPredictor 52.1
* Includes Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager (except for 52.1 when Analytics Manager was not yet available).
** ThingWatcherwas discontinued as a standalone SDK in 8.3. However,ThingWatcherfunctionality is available in the Anomaly Detection features native to theThingWorxplatform.
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