Analytics Builder
Analytics Builder
The Analytics Builder provides a user interface for ThingWorx Analytics customers who want a simple, intuitive way to interact with their data. The interface supports:
Data and metadata uploading
Predictive model creation (training and scoring)
Visualization of data analytics (profiles, signals)
Data filtering
The interface includes support for data that has not been modelled through ThingWorx Foundation by allowing datasets to be loaded from formatted text files. Analytics Builder requires installation of ThingWorx Foundation. For version information, see the appropriate compatibility matrix:
Analytics Builder is part of the ThingWorx Analytics Extension which is designed to extend ThingWorx functionality. To access Analytics Builder, you must be part of the TW_AnalyticServer_Admin or the TW_AnalyticServer_Users group. You can access Analytics Builder either through a dedicated console mashup or via the Analytics menu () within ThingWorx Composer.
For more information, see ThingWorx Analytics Extension .
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