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Delete a Data Filter
To delete a data filter:
1. Click DATA in the left navigation panel to make sure the Datasets page is open.
2. On the Datasets list page, find and select the dataset for which you want to delete a filter.
3. Click the View button.
The Dataset Details page opens.
4. On the left, under the Information heading, click Filters.
The Filters page opens.
5. In the list of filters on the left side of the page, select the filter you want to delete.
6. Click the Delete button at the top of the list.
A Delete Filters dialog box opens and prompts you for confirmation of the deletion.
7. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
The filter is deleted. The dialog box closes and the Filters page is redisplayed.
This action deletes the filter from the datasetFilters property of the AnalyticsServerFiltersInstance Thing. However, a SQL version of the filter is stored with any model, signals, profiles, or scoring jobs that were created using the filter, so that results of these jobs can still be viewed in Analytics Builder.
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