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Working with Datasets
The Datasets List
The Analytics Builder provides a Datasets list page where all of the datasets created in Analytics Builder, for your instance of the application, are listed. The list includes the following information:
Column Name
Dataset Name
The name of the dataset.
The current status of the dataset. When you first create the dataset, the state is "Loading" and then "Queued." When the new dataset is created and ready for use, the state will show "Completed." If the dataset fails to create, the state will show "Failed."
Dataset URI
An automatically assigned URI to the location where the dataset is stored.
Number of Rows
The number of records included in the dataset.
Number of Fields
The number of columns included in the dataset. Each column represents a feature of the data.
Is Timeseries?
If a dataset represents time series data = true, otherwise = false.
Dataset List Options
To create a new dataset, click New and follow the steps in Create and Configure a New Dataset.
To work with an existing dataset, select it in the dataset list and use one of the following options:
Delete – Removes the selected dataset.
Removing a dataset will also remove all data, models, scoring jobs, signals, and profiles related to the dataset.
View – Opens the detail view of the dataset, where you can view feature definitions and any filters that have been created for the dataset.
Job Details – Displays run time information related to the dataset for the data upload job.
Refresh – Refreshes the information on the Datasets list page.
Filtering the Datasets List
To filter the list of datasets displayed in the chart, click Add Filter and select from the list of columns (example: "Goals"). Then identify the conditions for filtering the column (example: Contains "Pump"). Click Save (only datasets with "Pump" included in the Goals column will be displayed).
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