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Create a Data Filter
Creating a filter for a specific dataset involves selecting features from the dataset and defining which values to use as conditions for filtering the data. You can combine multiple features as conditions for a single filter. You can also decide whether to use each criteria to include or exclude data.
In Analytics Builder, filters are defined in a Create a New Filter dialog box which can be accessed during any of the following procedures:
To Create a New Filter
1. Navigate to the Create a New Filter dialog box from one of the procedures listed above.
2. Enter a Filter Name.
3. From the Available Features list, select a feature you want to include in the filter. The possible values for the selected feature are displayed in the Feature Values table on the right.
If you select a feature whose first character is a number, make sure that you have followed the field naming rules defined in Data Field Names that Start with a Number
4. Select a value to filter the data with and use Include Records and Exclude Records to move selected values from the Feature Values table into the Include/Exclude Records with these values table. When you click on the include or exclude button, records with that feature value will either be included or excluded from the dataset.
5. Select additional features and values until all of the conditions you want to filter on are displayed in the Include/Exclude Records with these values table. If you want to remove a feature value that you added to the table, select it and click Remove Feature Values.
6. Click Create Filter to save the new filter.
If you want to use an existing filter as a base for the new filter, click Copy Definition from Existing Filter. You will be prompted to select an existing filter. When its conditions are displayed, make any necessary changes and click Create Filter to save it as a new filter
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