Welcome to the ThingWorx Platform 9 Help Center
Welcome to the ThingWorx Platform 9 Help Center
This Help Center contains the latest information about the ThingWorx Platform. You will find detailed information about modeling, server-side scripting, and a variety of other topics. Whether you are a developer or system administrator, this Help Center contains topics pertinent to your ThingWorx journey.
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Additional Resources
For additional developer resources, refer to the ThingWorx Developer Portal.
For a listing of the latest documentation for all ThingWorx products, refer to the ThingWorx Documentation Resources page.
For a collaborative approach to development and troubleshooting, you can post questions or solutions in the PTC Community IoT forum.
For links to all ThingWorx Help Centers, refer to PTC eSupport.
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Technical Issues
For assistance with ThingWorx Platform technical issues, visit https://www.ptc.com/en/support/.
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March 2022
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