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ThingWorx Connection Servers for ThingWorx HA
The ThingWorx Connection Server is required in the HA environment to support WebSocket traffic from clients and devices. It is used for ingress and egress routing of information. Using the connection server layer, traffic for high-volume connections can be routed across multiple ThingWorx Foundation nodes. For more information about the ThingWorx Connection Server, see the ThingWorx Connection Services help center.
Apache ZooKeeper must be installed and running.
Installation and Configuration
The horizontal scale capability of the ThingWorx Connection Server can also be used to deploy a high availability configuration of them. After you determine the functional need, you can define the high availability requirements.
For example, it has been determined that two connection servers are required to meet functional demands. If the high availability SLA requires at least 25% redundancy, then one extra connection server should be added to the deployment.
Deploying connection servers in a clustered environment is no different than deploying to a non-clustered environment.
To complete the HA configuration for the connection servers, all traffic to the ThingWorx Connections Servers must be routed to them through a load balancer. For more information, see Load Balancers for ThingWorx High Availability.
For information about configuring SSL/TLS for Connection Servers, see High Availability Configuration in the ThingWorx Connection Services Help Center.
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