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What's New in ThingWorx Platform 9.4.1
A new parameter, NonceKeyTimeout, is introduced in platform-settings.json. For more information, see platform-settings.json Configuration Details.
Support for Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flex Server for self-hosted ThingWorx on Azure has been added. For more information, see ThingWorx Deployment Architectures.
Mashup Builder
Chart Widgets
Added two properties named HorizontalRangeZoomDateFormat and HorizontalRangeZoomDateWidth to charts that support horizontal zoom. You can use these properties to customize the date format and width when range zoom is enabled.
Added a property named HideDataTooltips that enables you to hide tooltips that are displayed when hovering on data points at runtime.
Added a stroke color property on the Style Properties panel of the Line Chart widget. You can now set the border color of shaded areas for each data series on the chart.
Widget Validation
Added a ShowValidationState service to the Validation tab of widgets that support validation. You can use the service to display the validation state of widgets before user interaction at runtime. For more information, see Applying Validation to Widgets.
ThingWorx Mail Extension 4.1.1
Proxy Server Support
The ThingWorx Mail Extension now supports using Java Virtual Machine (JVM) options to configure HTTP and HTTPS proxies for sending and receiving emails using Mail Extension. For more information, see ThingWorx Mail Extension.
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