Styling the Menu Bar Widget
Use the style theme editor to customize the Menu Bar widget into a style that is consistent with the rest of your application and mashups.
You can style the widget in the following ways:
Using the Style Properties panel.
Using the style editor on the Styles tab of the mashup Style Theme.
Changes you apply to the style theme are applied to all mashups that are using the style theme. To style the menu bar using the Mashup style theme:
1. In Composer, open and edit the current mashup style theme.
2. On the Styles tab, under Elements, expand Navigation and then Menus.
3. Edit the background and text style settings for any of the three states: Base, Hover, and Pressed.
You can preview the changes to the Menu Bar widget on the Navigation tab of the Theme Preview mashup.
4. Click Save to save changes to the style theme.
To style a single Menu Bar widget:
1. In Mashup Builder, select a Menu Bar widget on the canvas or using the Explorer panel.
2. On the Style Properties panel, expand the Base state. The widget parts are listed.
3. Expand any part such as the header, accordion, or handle, and edit the available style properties. The changes are applied to the selected widget.
4. Click Save to save the changes to the mashup.
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