Configuring Menus
Configuring Menus
You can configure menus using the Menu Definition page (also accessible from the Mashups menu).
In Menu Definition, you can add new menus as well as add items to menus.
Menus can be added and embedded into other menus.
A menu item can be configured to link to a mashup or a hyperlink, and either do a Replace or New Page.
Menus and menu items can be Text only or Icon only or Text with Icon.
Menus and menu items can have groups assigned to them. Menus and menu items will be visible for users in the proper group only. If a group is not assigned, the item is visible to anyone that has access to the menu in which the item is embedded.
Using the options available on the menus, you can set up a single horizontal or vertical menu, but also a split menu that interact with each other.
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