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Troubleshooting Mashup Migration
The following topic covers common issues that you may encounter when migrating legacy widgets and layouts in your existing mashups to ThingWorx 9.0, 9.1, or 9.3.
Style Properties for Different Widget States are not Displaying Correctly
In previous releases of ThingWorx, some widget style properties that you set under different states were not applying correctly when the base state background color is changed. This issue is fixed in ThingWorx 9.1 and widgets states are set according to the default styles or values that you set. If you applied a work around for this issue in a previous version, you should adjust your style properties accordingly.
For example, if you placed a transparent button on top of an image widget, then the button now changes to the default styles of the hover state. This may hide the image behind the button. To work around this issue, set the background color for each state to transparent.
Custom Focus Box Styles are not Migrated
In legacy widgets such as List and Dropdown, you can edit the style of the focus box on a widget level using style definitions. These styles are not migrated. However, you can use the style theme editor to change the focus box style manually on a mashup level.
1. In Composer, edit the style theme that is applied to your mashup, then open the Styles tab.
2. Under Global, expand Focus, and then edit the line type, thickness, or color.
3. Click Save.
Gradient Colors for Widgets are not Migrated Correctly
In ThingWorx 9.3.0, gradient colors are not kept when you choose to migrate custom style definitions. Only the primary colors for widgets such as buttons and date pickers are migrated. Applying gradient colors to themed widgets is only supported when using the Legacy Styles Theme.
To migrate, define, and edit gradient colors, upgrade to ThingWorx 9.3.1.
The Text Area Widget Sizing has Changed
In ThingWorx 9.3.2 or later, The Text Area widget has been updated to a responsive widget that uses all of the available space in a container. When you migrate a mashup that has a single Text Area widget in a container, the widget expands, which can affect the layout. You can add a second widget to the container to specify fixed sizing for the Text Area. For more information, see Text Area Widget.
The File Upload Widget Shows a Scroll Bar
In ThingWorx 9.3.4 or later, the File Upload widget height is preserved when migrating using the legacy theme. In some layouts, a scroll bar may be displayed after migrating. To fix this issue, adjust the widget height manually.
Grid header styles are not migrated correctly
Separate styling of the left, right, and top lines for the grid header is not supported in the new Grid widget. You can lose custom border styles when you migrate a legacy grid widget. You can only style the header using the style properties for the widget border and divider lines.
The styles of the legacy Grid widget are not migrated.
Only styles from the Grid Advanced widget are migrated. Style definitions that are applied to the legacy Grid widget are not migrated.
The grid data is not showing.
Using the incorrect data service output for the dynamic configuration service prevents the widget from displaying data correctly.
When you migrate a Grid Advanced widget, make sure to update the output of the configuration data service to JSON in Composer.
The dynamic configuration of the adnvaced grids is migrated in ThingWorx 9.3.4 or later to the widget LegacyConfiguration text property. When creating new configurations, we recommend using the widget Configuration JSON property instead.
Line styles for chart rulers are not migrated.
You cannot customize the ruler line width, color, and type in the new Chart widgets. Any custom styling for these lines in the legacy widgets is not migrated.
The border color of areas in a line chart does not match the series color.
In ThingWorx 9.4.1 or later, support for styling the border of line chart ares was added to the Line Chart widget. If you are migrating area charts that use custom colors for the data series, you must update the border color of areas to match your custom colors manually using the Stroke style property.
Text styles for the confirmation dialog box are not migrated.
The confirmation dialog box uses the default styles for labels, based on the applied style theme. Any custom styling for the legacy widget text is not migrated. However, you can customize the styling after you migrate by editing the header and body label type in the style theme.
Containers and Layouts
The space between containers is not kept after migrating.
The legacy Layout widget included a property which enabled you to set spacing between containers in the layout. This feature is not supported in the when migrating to Flexbox containers in ThingWorx 9.3.2 or earlier. In ThingWorx 9.3.3 or later, you can use the Margin property to set spacing between containers.
The space used by non-visible columns or rows is not preserved after migrating.
In ThingWorx 9.3.6 or later, non-visible columns or rows are converted to flex containers with the Visible property set to False. The space used by non-visible containers is not preserved in the layout.
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