Replacing Non-Secure Functions
The following topic describes how to replace non-secure functions manually in a mashup. In ThingWorx 9.3.8 or later, you can replace non-secure functions using the Mashup Migration dialog.
Replacing Non-Secure Functions in a Mashup
To replace non-secure functions in ThingWorx 9.3.2, 9.2.7, and 9.1.11 or later, perform the following steps:
1. Edit an existing Mashup entity in Mashup Builder, then open the Functions panel. All non-secure Expression and Validator functions are grouped and listed under a Not Secure label.
2. Expand the Expressions (Not Secure) or Validator (Not Secure) sections to view the list of non-secure functions in the mashup.
3. To replace a non-secure function, click . The function edit dialog box opens.
4. Review the current expression and resolve any issues that are highlighted in the code editor under Expression. Remove references to unsupported objects or functions. For more information, see Supported Runtime Functions and Objects.
5. Click Done to replace the function with the new standard version.
6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to replace additional non-secure functions in the mashup.
7. Click Save to save the changes.
The latest functions execute asynchronously at run time. Make sure to use completion events to execute bound services that depend on the function.
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