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Using Undo and Redo in a Mashup
As you create or edit a mashup in Mashup Builder, you may want to undo changes that you made. You can use the undo and redo commands to easily control the state of your mashup. For example, you can undo and redo changes for the following edits:
Adding or removing widgets and containers
Adding or deleting data services on the data panel
Configuring the mashup layout properties on the Layout panel
Configuring mashup, widget, and container properties
Creating, configuring, or deleting functions on the Data panel
Creating, configuring, or deleting bindings for widgets, services, and functions
Performing cut and paste operations
The undo and redo commands are available on the canvas toolbar:
To undo the last edit, click .
To redo the last edit that you undid, click .
The history field lists the last 10 edits that you made to the mashup. To revert the mashup to a specific edit, select an operation from the list.
The edit history is not saved when you reload the page or close Mashup Builder.
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