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Binding Data from Infotables
You can create bindings between the returned data from infotables and widgets in a mashup. The INFOTABLE base type is a common way to structure and store data as rows and columns within a service. To define an infotable, you must create a Data Shape that has field definition properties for each column. You can set the base type for each field definitions to determine the type of allowed data in the infotable column. For example, you can select STRING, NUMBER, or DATETIME. To create a nested infotable, add a property to the Data Shape and set the base type to INFOTABLE. For more information, see Infotables.
When you add a service to the Data panel, the returned data structure is listed under Returned Data. There are two types of data:
All Data—The full data from the infotable. You can bind individual data properties or the full data to widgets, depending on what you want to display and the type of widget you are using.
Selected Row(s)—The data values of the currently selected infotable rows. To use this property, you must bind the All Data property to a widget, then select a one or more rows from the infotable data at run time.
You can create bindings to the properties of nested infotables under the Selected Row(s) section of a data service.
To display data on a widget such as the Value Display, Advanced Grid, or any chart, bind the returned data from a service to the Data property on the Properties panel. Some widgets such as the Grid advanced can display data from the All Data property. By contrast, widgets such as charts may require you to select data columns from the infotable. For more information, refer to the properties section of each widget topic.
Binding Data from a Nested Infotable
Consider a mashup with two Grid Advanced widgets and a data service that returns an infotable with general details about recent orders. OrderDetails is a nested infotable that contains additional details about each order. In this example, you can create bindings to data properties under Selected Row(s) to show the details for each selected order. The following image shows the returned data from the OrderData service.
To display data from the nested mashup:
1. Bind All Data to the Data property of the first Grid widget.
2. Bind the nested OrderDetails infotable under Selected Row(s) to the Data property of the second Grid widget.
3. Make sure that the service is bound to an event, click Save, then View Mashup.
At run time, the returned data from the service is displayed on the first grid. When you select a row in the first grid, data on the second grid is updated with values from the OrderDetails infotable.
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