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ThingWorx Flow CLI
To create connectors, you need to add artifacts such as Action, Lookup, Authentication, and Triggers to the Connector project.
Use the add command to add a new artifact or a new version of an artifact.
The ThingWorx Flow CLI adds the service name as a prefix for each artifact name. For example, if the connector service name is thingworx and the action name is get-thing-properties then the name of the action is thingworx-get-thing-properties.
After you execute the above commands, new folders are created with the respective artifacts in the connector project directory.
The table displays the commands that are used to create artifacts:
flow add action <name>
Adds a new action named <name>.
flow add connection <name>
Adds a new connection named <name>.
flow add lookup <name>
Adds a new lookup named <name>.
flow add oauth <name>
Adds a new oauth configuration named <name>.
flow add trigger <name>
Adds a new trigger named <name>.
The options to create artifacts are as follows:
Data Type
Displays the version number.
Displays the help.
--parentDir, -d
The parent directory for the project.
[default: “.”]
--logLevel, -1
Sets the log level.
[default: “info”]
Each of the sub-commands listed above can have different options that are specific to the type of an artifact.
After the artifacts are created or added, you can edit the properties in the individual files and folders.
For more information and examples, refer to the Tutorial B.
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