Maintenance Release Upgrade
Maintenance Release Upgrade Process
Upgrading to a maintenance release (for example, 9.0.0 to 9.0.1 or 9.3.1 to 9.3.2) follows the following simplified in-place upgrade path. Upgrade scripts are not required for these upgrades.
This assumes you are upgrading to the same database.
If you are using ThingWorx Apps in addition to ThingWorx platform, verify that the version of ThingWorx you are upgrading to is supported with the version of ThingWorx Apps. See ThingWorx Apps Upgrade Support Matrix.
1. If you are upgrading to a ThingWorx version that supports Content Security Policy (CSP) copy web.xml from “<tomcat_install_dir>/webapps/Thingworx/WEB-INF” to another folder for use later.
2. Obtain the new Thingworx.war from PTC Software Downloads.
3. Verify that your platform-settings.json file includes the following ExtensionPackageImportPolicy parameters set to true to allow extensions to be imported. See this topic for best practices on configuration.
"ExtensionPackageImportPolicy": { "importEnabled": <true or false>, "allowJarResources": <true or false>, "allowJavascriptResources": <true or false>, "allowCSSResources": <true or false>, "allowJSONResources": <true or false>, "allowWebAppResources": <true or false>, "allowEntities": <true or false>, "allowExtensibleEntities": <true or false> },
4. Stop Tomcat.
5. Go to the Tomcat installation at \Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat x.x\webapps and delete the Thingworx.war file and the Thingworx folder.
6. Place the new Thingworx.war file in \Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat x.x\webapps.
7. Start Tomcat.
8. If the upgrade fails with the following error, go to the next step. This error will occur if any custom index value is greater than or equal to 64 characters.
Unable to Invoke Service Reindex on Data Table : String or binary data would be truncated in table 'thingworx.thingworx.data_table_indexes', column 'mskey'. Truncated value: '<with_actual_field_Value_from_mskey_field>'.
9. Execute thingworxMssqlSchemaUpdate<priorVersion>-to-<currentVersion>.bat/.sh (for MSSQL) or thingworxAzureSchemaUpdate<priorVersion>-to-<currentVersion>.bat/.sh (for Azure).
sqlcmd -S server\\serverinstance,port -U db_user -P password -d databaseName -i <schemaUpdateFile.sql>
Running this script will increase the mskey column length and will update indexes.
Configure Content Security Policy
1. Stop Tomcat.
2. If you are upgrading to ThingWorx 9.3.15, 9.4.5, or 9.5.1 and newer, configure CSP, and add "EnableContentSecurityPolicyFilter": false, to platform.settings.json under BasicSettings as follows:
"PlatformSettingsConfig": {
"BasicSettings": {
"BackupStorage": "/ThingworxBackupStorage",
"DatabaseLogRetentionPolicy": 7,
"DatabaseWriteRetryAttempts": 10,
"EnableBackup": true,
"EnableClusteredMode": false,
"EnableContentSecurityPolicyFilter": false,
"EnableSystemLogging": false,
"EnableSSO": false,
"FileRepositoryRoot": "/ThingworxStorage",
"FileTransferLockType" : "LOCAL"
"HTTPRequestHeaderMaxLength": 2000,
"HTTPRequestParameterMaxLength": 2000,
"InternalAesCryptographicKeyLength": 128,
"MetricsLoggingFrequency": 30,
"MetricsLoggingLevel": "WARN",
"MetricsReportingEnabled": true,
"NonceKeyTimeout": 15,
"SessionUpdateDelay": 60,
"Storage": "/ThingworxStorage",
"ScriptTimeout": 30,
"MaxSearchItems": 100000
CSP will be disabled in the new installation if the above flag is not added or if the flag is specifically set to false. Setting the flag to true will enable CSP.
For more information about CSP, see the other CSP Help Center topics.
3. Follow the steps below to restore the Clickjack Filter configurations.
a. Copy the Clickjack Filter configurations from the backup web.xml file.
b. Paste the Clickjack Filter configurations into the newly created web.xml file under <tomcat_install_dir>/webapps/Thingworx/WEB-INF.
Note the following:
Do not replace the web.xml with the older version. Copy the configurations manually from the backup file to the new web.xml file.
ThingWorx will be upgraded with the CSP filter disabled if the EnableContentSecurityPolicyFilter flag is not specified or set to false explicitly.
To enable or disable CSP at a later time, see Content Security Policy.
4. Start Tomcat.
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