Configuring a Property Provider
When a property is configured as persistent in ThingWorx, the property write values are stored in the model persistence provider database (for example, PostgreSQL). You can change the default behavior by specifying the persistence provider where the property write values should be stored.
Changing the Default Property Provider for PostgreSQL
The default property persistence provider is ThingworxPersistenceProvider. To change this, follow the steps below:
1. Create a new persistence provider instance. See Configuring a Persistence Provider Entity.
2. Create a property provider schema in your database by configuring and running the (non Windows) or thingworxPostgresSchemaSetup.bat (Windows) with the -o option set to property. Provide the database host (-h), port (-p), and schema name (-d).
For example, ./ -h localhost -p 5432 -d MyPropertyProviderDatabase -o property
The and thingworxPostgresSchemaSetup.bat files are located in the software download package, available on PTC Software Downloads.
For more information on the thingworxPostgresSchemaSetup file options, refer to the PostgreSQL section of Installing ThingWorx.
3. In the Platform Subsystem configuration, in the Property Persistence Provider field, click the X next to ThingWorxPersistenceProvider, and use the magic picker to select the persistence provider that you created.
4. Click Save.
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