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Configuring a Persistence Provider Entity
You can create and configure Persistence Provider entities in ThingWorx that connects to your specified data store.
1. From Composer, browse Data Storage > Persistence Providers, and then click the New button.
2. In the General Information area, enter a name and description for the newly created persistence provider.
3. In the Persistence Provider Package field value, select a persistence provider package using the icon.
4. To set new persistence provider as default, select the Set as Default Persistence Provider check box, and then click Save.
The Configuration, Permissions, Change History, and View Relationships area appears on the screen.
5. In the Configuration area, configure the settings depending on the persistence provider package selected.
For more details on the persistence provider packages and configuring its settings, refer to the following information:
Using InfluxDB as the Persistence Provider
6. Click Save.
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