Tunnel Subsystem
The tunnel subsystem handles tunneling between Remote Things, connected Things, and federated servers. Tunneling enables end users to conduct remote access sessions with remote devices through the ThingWorx Platform. For information on remote access, refer to ThingWorx Remote Access Extension in the ThingWorx Remote Access help center.
Tunnel Settings
Base Type
Public host name used for tunnels
The external host name (or IP address) for the system. Typically, it is the same host name that is used to access the ThingWorx server. It may also be the host name of a connection server instance or a load balancer in front of a connection server.
For remote access in a ThingWorx HA environment this host name or IP address must be that of the Connection Server that is acting as an HA proxy for remote sessions.
Public port used for tunnels
When you initiate a tunnel, a new Web socket connection to the platform is opened on the specified port. We recommend that you use the same port that is configured for the client.
Idle tunnel timeout (sec)
If there is no activity after the specified number of seconds, the tunnel closes.
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