Logging Subsystem
The logging subsystem manages various logs, such as Application, Script, and Communications.
Log Retention Settings
Data Type
Maximum File Size in KB
When the size reaches or exceeds the defined size, the next log event triggers the rollover of the file to the ThingworxStorage > logs > archives folder.
You can change the default setting at run time to immediately save changes.
Maximum size is 1000000 KB.
Maximum Number Days for Archive
Daily rollovers are not clock-driven but depend on the arrival of logging events. Files are rolled over at midnight daily (and only upon the arrival of a log event) and moved to the archives folder.
By default, if a log is in the archive for more than seven days, it is deleted. You can change the default to 1 or up to 90 days.
Enable Stack Tracing
If enabled, when a service call error occurs in the Java API to com.thingworx.logging.LogUtilities.logInstanceExceptionDetails, the associated stack trace is logged in the ErrorLog.log file in the ThingworxStorage > logs folder. Helpful for debugging errors on the platform.
Enable Script Stack Tracing
If an error occurs in a script, the associated stack trace is logged in the ScriptErrorLog.log file located in the ThingworxStorage>logs folder. Helpful for debugging scripts created by platform users.
By default the script timeout setting on the ThingWorx platform is 30 seconds. If a script runs longer than this, the platform terminates the execution. A ThingWorx administrator can configure the script timeout in the Basic Settings section of the platform-settings.json configuration file. See also platform-settings.json Configuration Details.
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