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ThingWorxStorage Logs Archives
Logs are archived in ThingworxStorage/logs in the archives folder. The rollover of log information into the archives folder is determined by the file size and the configuration of the Log Retention Settings in the Logging Subsystem:
When the log size reaches the size defined in the Maximum File Size in KB field, the next log event will trigger the rollover of the current log file to the archives folder. The default file size is 100,000 KB. The maximum size is 1,000,000 KB.
Daily rollovers occur regardless of log size. The log files roll over at midnight daily (and only at the arrival of a log event) into the archives folder. By default, if a log is in the archives folder for more than seven days, it is deleted. You can change the default in the Maximum Number Days For Archive field to a value between 1 and 90 days.
Log file name examples:
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