Password Reset
To allow users to reset their ThingWorx passwords, the following is required:
Your organization is configured.
The Mail_Extensions extension package is installed.
Your mail server is configured.
Users have user extensions values for firstName, lastName, and emailAddress.
For more information, see Users.
User Passwords must be a minimum of 10 characters.
1. Go to Security > Organizations
and select your organization.
2. On the General Information screen, select the Allow Password Reset checkbox.
A Reset Password button will appear on the user login form.
The Password Reset Mail Server field becomes active.
3. Select your mail server.
4. Enter a subject for the Reset Email Subject and information for the reset password email in the Reset Email Content field.
The email template can be localized and the link to reset the password can be embedded inside the localization tokens.
5. Click Save.
When a user tries to access ThingWorx through the organization’s login form (localhost:8080/ThingWorx/FormLogin/[organization]/), the Reset Password button is available. If the user clicks the button, the system prompts the user for a user ID, first name, last name, and email address. The system verifies those values against the values for that user ID in the system. If the values do not match during the number of allowed attempts and within the time specified in the Account Lockout Settings, the account is locked. For more information, see Account Lockout Settings.
If the user successfully enters these values, the system resets the password to a system-generated password, and sends an email to the user with a link to a password reset page. The link to the password reset page expires after two hours. From within the email, the user can click the link to access the password reset page and enter a new password. The user can then log into ThingWorx using the new password.
Password reset events are logged in the security log.
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