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Creating an Organization and Assigning Users or Groups
1. In the ThingWorx Composer, select the Security section.
2. Select Organizations.
3. Click New or the plus sign (+) to create a new organization.
4. Enter a Name, Description, Project, Tags, and any additional information.
5. Click Save.
6. Click Organizations.
7. Click Save.
8. To assign users or groups to the organization, select a group from the list or add a new group.
Users can be added, but groups should be added before creating users.
See Creating Login Page Forms for Organizations to create custom login forms.
Dynamically Adding Users and Groups
You can use the AddMember and AssignMembers services to organize users/groups into groups.
AddMember — Adds a user/group to a group.
For the type parameter, use type User for a user and type group for a group.
AssignMembers — Assigns a list of users/groups to a group.
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