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Retrieving Threshold Information from Alerts
The limit, maximum, minimum, etc values are stored within the alertAttributes infotable returned by the GetAlertDefinition service.
To access the specific values within the infotable, a wrapper service is required.
Service retrieving limit value from an Above alert type on an INTEGER property:
propertyName : STRING
result: INTEGER
The result type must match the type of the attribute returned. For this example, the result is an INTEGER.
alertName : STRING
Script Example
// These parameters have been parameterized into "alertName" and
// "propertyName" parameters at the service level. If these values
// will not change, they can be hard coded instead.
var params = {
alertName: alertName /* STRING */,
property: propertyName /* STRING */

// Retrieve the Alert Definition
var alertDef = me.GetAlertDefinition(params)

// Safety check on result from GetAlertDefinition()
if (alertDef != null && alertDef.rows.length > 0) {

// There should only be one row returned by GetAlertDefinition()
var alertProps = alertDef.rows[0];

// Safety check on alertAttributes infotable.
if (alertProps.alertAttributes != null && alertProps.alertAttributes.rows.length > 0) {
// Return the "limit" property from the alertAttributes table.
var result = alertProps.alertAttributes.rows[0].limit;
} else {
// The alertAttributes infotable was undefined or empty. This logs an error, but
// does not change the value returned. (Service returns no value.)
logger.error("AlertAttributes was null/empty!");
} else {
// The Alert Definition was empty.
// This is most commonly caused by invalid alertName/propertyName.
logger.error("Result from GetAlertDefinition was null/empty!");
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