Naming Guidelines for Reusable Components
Follow these general naming guidelines for reusable components:
You can specify any namespace for your component. You can prefix your company name before the component name. For example, <company_name>.<component_name>.
PTC uses the <company_name>.<component_name> naming convention for its components. For example, the component name starts with PTC.*.
The localization tokens that belong to the same component should contain the full component name as the prefix.
All the entities related to the same component should have the same tag and belong to the same project. Their names should have the same prefix.
Provide meaningful names to the entities.
Avoid ambiguous names and long entity names.
Try to include a good description for every entity you create.
Rename the services or properties with conflicting names. For example, consider two Thing Shapes with services or properties with the same name. If these Thing Shapes are implemented by the same Thing Template, a conflict in the name occurs.
You can have a centralized location to list the existing prefixes for components and their entity names. This helps in avoiding name conflicts.
See the section Naming Entities for more information.
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