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Building ThingWorx Solutions Using Reusable Components
This section provides a brief overview on how to develop solutions using components that can be reused throughout your solutions. It also provides best practices for configuring and customizing these reusable components, as well as creating your own reusable components.
When you build your solutions, it is efficient to reuse standard components throughout your solutions. These reusable components become the building blocks of your solution, and you can configure and customize these components to suit your business case.
Reusable components provide the following benefits:
Ensure consistent design practices thought your solution suite.
Allows efficiency and flexibility when creating new or modifying existing solutions to address your evolving business needs.
Provide a better handling of the source data, as the components contain prebuilt business logic.
Save on the design and development time.
Ensure the use of best practices when building solutions.
Many ThingWorx entities such as widgets with business logic, services, data adapters can be reused in different solutions.
Terms Used in Reusable Components
The following terms are used for reusable components:
A container that contains a set of standard ThingWorx entities.
Atomic component
The smallest component that cannot be divided during the design time.
Composite component
A component that comprises of atomic and other composite components.
The behavior of a component can be changed by configuring the exposed parameters.
The out-of-the-box capability of a component can be changed by updating the internal code and entities.
Add additional capabilities to the component by updating the properties and functionality.
The component supports in-place and migration upgrades.
The execution time of the solution on the ThingWorx server.
Design time
The time required to develop the solution using the ThingWorx Composer and Mashup Builder.
A business unit that contains some components.
A group of components under the same domain.
Types of Reusable Components
The reusable components are categorized as:
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