Naming Entities
All entities created in ThingWorx must have a name. When naming entities in your model, use the following rules:
Names must be unique within the same entity type. However, they can be the same across entity types. For example, you can have a Thing and a Thing Shape with the same name, but you cannot have a data table and a Thing with the same name.
Names are case insensitive.
Names cannot exceed 255 characters.
The Description field for an entity does not have a character limit in ThingWorx.
Names cannot contain most special characters including the following:
A colon character is allowed in user and user group names, although you will not be able to log in through the basic authenticator, and Active Directory does not support the colon character in user names. Other forms of authentication are supported, such as form login and custom authenticators.
Typically, UTF-8 characters are supported. For a list of UTF-8 characters, see UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters.
Spaces are allowed, but not at the beginning or end of the name. Underscores are allowed anywhere in the name.
A space cannot be followed by another space in a name.
The name cannot be the reserved keyword “me.”
For user names, you can use an email address.
For more information, see Users.
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