Monitoring the ThingWorx Subsystems
You should regularly monitor the performance of ThingWorx subsystems in your environment. The status of all subsystems is available in Composer in the Monitoring menu.
It is recommended to monitor the following subsystems:
Event Processing subsystem
This subsystem executes the event, timer, and scheduler logic in your ThingWorx solution.
If the number of activeThreads is the same as the corePoolSize and the queue is accumulating events, it is possible that one or more services are either slow to execute or are blocking the subsystem.
Slow performance of the subsystem can degrade the performance of the entire system. You must use the monitoring tools to analyze the problem.
Stream Processing subsystem and value stream Processing subsystem
These subsystems are used for ingesting data from your remote devices or business logic.
If the queueSize in the monitoring section is increasing constantly, it indicates that the system is not able to ingest the data. You must use the monitoring tools to analyze the problem.
WebSocket Execution Processing subsystem
The subsystem processes remote device logic for both incoming and outgoing requests.
If you see many active threads and an increasing queue size, it indicates a throughput issue at the device communication layer. These issues should be investigated.
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